Website FAQs

If I come on board, how long will it take to complete my website?

This is dependent on the size of the website as well as the time frame you supply for the project to be completed.

How many pages will my website be?

This is dependent on the number of services or products your business offers.

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How do we rank higher in Google search results?

There are two ways. You can pay for ads to appear based on certain search terms (Pay-Per-Click) or you can do it through what is called organic methods. Most people avoid clicking on paid ads so the majority of dealers are investing in professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get their website to compete for a position on page one of Google for the products and services they sell. Our team of SEO professionals can show you many examples of how we have gotten dealers to page one without spending a bundle on paid ads.

Can I add video to my website?

YES – video is an excellent medium to communicate and help your website rise in search results. Our team of website professionals have produced over 20,000 videos and can help you with video ideas that fit your website and your budget.

How will I know how my website is performing?

Each of our programs feature a monthly ROI report you receive on the first of every month with detailed analytics and month over month growth reporting. You’ll see how much website traffic you get, the top pages your visitors are looking at, how your social channels are performing and more. If you like Google Analytics, you’ll LOVE our Partner Pro monthly ROI website report!

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How much effort does it take on the customer's part to create a new custom website?

Very little. Our team has built hundreds of imaging and technology reseller websites and can quickly pick up on your unique story and how to communicate it with your new website. Normally, we have a discovery meeting to confirm your key business objectives, find out who your top competitors are (so we can help you win) and then you simply proof your site along the way! That being said, you can be as involved as little or as much as you’d like!

Can I enhance my current website?

YES – sometimes that’s the best way to leverage previous investments you’ve made! With a quick look at your existing website, our team of website professionals can quickly tell you what we could do to improve on what you have already. Adding videos, interactive widgets, vertical content and more are common additions for imaging dealers like you!

Can you help me manage my blog and social media?

YES – our Managed Digital Marketing services provide you with a dedicated professional who will understand your unique business, create content, publish content and monitor your activities for you! This is a very popular service for busy business leaders that want it done right.

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