Tips to Get An Unresponsive Prospect Back On Board

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Tips to Get An Unresponsive Prospect Back On Board

Tips to Get An Unresponsive Prospect Back On Board, PartnerPro Solutions

It’s always great when you find yourself with an ultra-responsive prospect. Every email gets an immediate response. You call and they answer and are happy to chat. Unfortunately, this is often the exception, not the rule.

The more common occurrence is for a prospect to disappear after responding for a while. When this happens it’s time to get creative to get them talking before you lose the deal.

Nine times out of ten, the reason they go missing in action is due to something internal. However, if you notice a trend it might be time to brush up on your closing skills. If you have an unresponsive prospect try these tactics to reengage them and take it to the close!

Forget the Past

Don’t be afraid to pursue quiet leads, just don’t call attention to their silence. Starting a conversation with “I emailed you but you never responded,” will only make them feel guilty. Start every follow-up contact as if you’re just starting out and they’ll be more inclined to listen.

Vary Your Contact Attempts

This might sound obvious, but most salespeople don’t do it! Try contacting your prospect at different times on different days. Most reps will leave a voicemail then schedule a followup call for the same day and time the following week. Maybe your prospect has a weekly meeting scheduled for that time. Mix it up!

Get Personal

Sometimes taking a non-business approach can get the ball rolling again. This works well if you know something that your prospect is interested in. For example, if they love to fish and you know they’ve got a deep sea trip scheduled on their Florida vacation, send an email with a link to an article about what fish are running in Florida with a note, “Just saw this article and though of you. Have a great trip!” People love to talk about their passions and this is a great way to get to the conversation restarted since it has nothing to do with business. When you get them talking, slide in with, “while I have you, can we schedule a time for that product demo when you get back?”

The bottom line? Never give up on quiet prospects. They may have something else taking their focus. Remember to be considerate of their time, but stay assertive and action-oriented to close the deal!

Are you thinking about brushing up on your sales skills? Contact us to learn about our comprehensive sales training programs to help you attract more leads and win more deals!



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