Tell Your Story and Close the Deal

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May 31, 2018
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Tell Your Story and Close the Deal

Tell Your Story and Close the Deal, PartnerPro Solutions

Today, savvy buyers are tired of the same old sales pitch. Sales pitches generally focus on the seller – the company, its capabilities and its accolades. If you want to make the sale, ditch the pitch and tell a story.

Why Stories Work

The power of the story lies in our ability to empathize with characters who face challenges similar to the ones we face, and overcome them. Storytelling humanizes your pitch and creates a lasting connection with prospective customers.

This fact is backed by research. Recent studies show that after a presentation only 5% of attendees remember statistics, but 63% recall stories. Salespeople typically are more comfortable with boilerplate pitches and Powerpoint slides. But these two techniques only activate two regions of the brain, while storytelling activates seven. The bottom line: if you share a connection, you’re more likely to create a lasting bond.

Become an Effective Storyteller

If you’re sold on the concept of storytelling, you’re on the right track. Storytelling has big advantages over the overtly assertive sales pitch. But, it is an art that takes some time to perfect. Here are three tips to get you started.

  1. Focus on Them – In a pitch it’s common to lead with your company’s most compelling attributes, but prospects are probably tuning out. If you place your company above the needs of your prospect, you’re doing it wrong. In fact almost 60% of people find the typical sales pitches annoying. Instead tell them how you can help in an informative, non-promotional way.
  2. Cover Your Prospect’s Pain Points in Your Story – Instead of focusing on capabilities, speak to the problems you can solve as they relate to your prospects pain points. This can help you to discover more about your customer’s specific needs.
  3. Build a Substantial and Consistent Story Bank – A story bank loaded with stories of past successes is only effective if it’s consistent. Make sure that your team’s stories match. Keep your sales team on point and be consistent to improve this technique’s effectiveness.

Storytelling is a great way to connect with your prospects, but like everything, it takes practice. The best salespeople don’t tell stories off the cuff, they practice and refine them until they work. Do the same thing and you’ll find that storytelling will close more deals and build your business!

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