Sales Leader Coaching

Ignite new ideas, develop critical selling skills and inspire your sales team

The Art of Running Effective Sales Meetings

Could your sales meetings be more productive?

Elevate your team’s performance with the professional Sales Leader coaching course from Partner Pro!

Most sales managers admit that they are under-prepared to lead their people through an effective sales meeting. As a result, these sales leaders miss the opportunity to ignite new ideas, develop critical selling skills and inspire participants to sell more.

Sales Leader Coaching: The Art of
Running Effective Sales Meetings

Video coaching topics include:

  1. Do you really need a meeting? Ideas to determine the time investment.
  2. Pre-meeting planning and expectations. How to plan and prepare quickly for maximum impact.
  3. Ideas to engage your entire team. Best practices to get new hires and tenured reps on board!
  4. Skill development games and ideas. Turnkey games and sales exercises for skill development.
  5. Gaining commitment to action. Proven methods to get reps to execute on key takeaways.

Your Training Includes:

  • Engaging video (not PowerPoint!)
  • 20 minute run time
  • Practical ideas you can use right away
  • Official certificate of completion
  • Individual learning path for each person

Meet the Coach

All training courses are hosted by award winning sales performance coach Rick Lambert.

Over 2000 sales people have completed this program – 100% recommended it!

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