Millennials Make Great Salespeople, Here’s Why!

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Millennials Make Great Salespeople, Here’s Why!

The Internet has empowered buyers. As a result, they are demanding more from salespeople. Personalized service, more relevant products and helpful interactions are the new normal. Millennials are in a great position to deliver on this. Their generation not only embraces this new sales paradigm, they helped to create it by embracing the digital lifestyle and rejecting old-school sales tactics from the the start!

Here are a few reasons why millennials can make great salespeople:

They’re Fluent In All Things Digital

Millennials were born into the digital age. As a result, they’re fluent in social media and all things digital. Millennials understand how to leverage social media and that leverage is what sets top sales performers apart. Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn create valuable opportunities for learning about, engaging and building relationships with prospects. In fact, 78% of salepeople who use social media outsell their peers.

Because they’re digitally fluent, millennials adapt to new technologies quickly, so tools like Google Drive or Evernote come naturally. They are leading the BYOD revolution and their digital savvy is saving time and streamlining processes.

They’re Loyal

First and foremost, millennials are drawn to a company’s mission. They don’t just sell your product, they’re believers! Millennials make great salespeople because they know everything a prospect might need to know about your product or service and are eager to share. They go above and beyond in their commitment to your company, create valuable engagement with your prospects and help grow your business.

They Are Data Driven

Millennials understand metrics and the power of the numbers. They know that these numbers mean the difference between a top performer and everyone else. This generation embraces data because they understand that it lets them see actual results and they can learn from them to become even more effective salespeople.

Business buyers have already altered their buying behavior and are gathering information and checking product reviews online. As a result they are calling the shots and deciding when and where they want to talk to your sales team. As a result, the criteria for hiring has changed. It’s no longer about controlling the conversation. Reps that are solution-oriented, data-driven and empathetic are the key. Millennials possess this skill set and they bring it to the table for your business and your prospects.

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