Keep Millennials Engaged and Learning With Technology

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Keep Millennials Engaged and Learning With Technology

Keep Millennials Engaged and Learning With Technology | Partner Pro Solutions

A recent study conducted by Pew Research found that Millennials have finally overtaken Gen-Xers and Boomers in the workforce. Today, management is facing the challenge of providing the right learning and retention strategies to meet the needs of this most unique generation.

To create a learning program that works with Millennials means embracing emerging technologies to capture and share the experience of tenured sales professionals. With 10,000 Boomers a day leaving the workforce, time is of the essence!

What Works

Millennials are the first generation entirely of the digital age. Surrounded by technology since birth, they learn differently. To keep them engaged, businesses need to recognize this and design learning strategies geared to meet the unique needs of this newest generation.

Formal, theoretical training tends to not work well. Millennials respond best to informal self-directed learning that offers real life applications. The media that works best with Millennials is video and this is backed up by a Psychology Today study which found that the brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text-based learning. This factor is enhanced in Millennials.

Here are four elements you can incorporate into your video and other learning solutions to keep your Millennials team members engaged.

Collaborative Learning – Millennials are attached to their mobile devices, and that can aid in learning. They turn to social media and search to access and share information and receive advice. Video is perfect for collaborative learning.

Microlearning – Hyper-connectivity means Millennials have excellent abilities when it comes to fast action and multitasking, but it has also left them impatient. Present video information in small chunks so teams can assimilate and easily share information.

Gamification – Millennials love gaming. According to a recent Forbes article, when asked 66% of Millennials said that gaming helped them to learn how to create winning strategies, solve problems and become an effective team player. Borrowing concepts from gaming and incorporating them into learning strategies can increase engagement with Millennials.

Mentoring – Millennials look to mentors to gain knowledge. Sales Managers and Trainers can keep Millennials engaged by offering regular feedback and keeping communication open. Include a coaching component to your learning program.

Millennials bring a great skill set to the workplace, but they also present new challenges. To engage them and grow your team, understand their needs and incorporate training strategies that meet them and you’ll have a more engaged workforce.

Need some help incorporating effective training strategies with your young sales team? Partner Pro sales training equips today’s imaging salesforce with the tools they need to close more deals with a mobile-friendly and on-demand video training experience. Contact us today to learn more.


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