Is Facebook Still a Relevant Platform for My Copier Dealership? You Bet!

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Is Facebook Still a Relevant Platform for My Copier Dealership? You Bet!

Is Facebook Still a Relevant Platform for My Copier Dealership? You Bet! | Partner Pro Solutions

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a powerful social media platform for promoting a business. However, with constant changes to its search algorithm, ensuring that your target audience is seeing your content is becoming more challenging.

Should you forego Facebook and focus on other social media platforms to promote your copier dealership? Absolutely not.

Here are some best practices for helping your business stand apart from the noise on Facebook and for getting your content in front of the right audience at the right time:

  1. Change the URL of your business Facebook page. When you create a Facebook page for your business, you’re automatically assigned a URL that consists of a random string of numbers. As soon as your Facebook page earns 25 likes, you’re able to change your URL to include a user name that is reflective of your business. Having a URL for your business page that is consistent with your branding strategy will add a level of professionalism and help to increase your online visibility.
  2. Choose the right Facebook template for your business and industry. Facebook offers a variety of page templates to choose from. Some of these template options will better suit your business, industry and marketing goals than others. Spend some time experimenting with the available templates to ensure you have the right fit for your business Facebook page.
  3. Customize your Facebook tabs. A business Facebook page has tabs on the side of the page that make it easy to organize your content so that your followers can quickly access it. Be sure to optimize your tabs to include important content that you want to make more accessible to your Facebook followers (photos, upcoming events, etc.).
  4. Utilize a call-to-action button. Facebook gives businesses several different call-to-action buttons to choose from, and you’ll want to pick the button that best aligns with your Facebook marketing goals.
  5. Offer a mix of organic and paid content. While creating organic Facebook content is still important as it provides value to your audience, by running some paid advertising campaigns on Facebook you’ll maximize your visibility.

With the widespread use of Facebook, your business can’t afford to ignore this social media platform. Want to learn more? Need some help establishing your online presence? Contact us at Partner Pro Solutions and ask us about our Social Marketing Services. We’ll show you how to get found online!



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