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Join us for a free trial of the industry’s newest growth platform. Partner Pro’s on-demand video sales training is perfect for new hires or tenured reps in the imaging space.

Escape PowerPoint and join an on-demand training experience you can’t get from manufacturers. With actor simulations, cold calling talk tracks and email prospecting templates, reps can take the training with them anywhere they go. Available on mobile devices so your team can learn anytime, anywhere.

Partner Pro Sales Training Courses

Partner Pro has created four different courses to help your sales team win more deals:

Selling Business-to-Business To Win

Selling Managed Print To Win

Selling Managed IT Services To Win

Sales Leader Coaching

This is the perfect training program for anyone selling business-to-business products, services, or solutions. It teaches your entire team the fundamental skills they need to close more deals. Topical videos demonstrate proven techniques right across the solutions sales cycle.

Get the latest sales insights and best practices to create more sales opportunities and win more profitable pages under contract. New hires to tenured MPS sales executives will benefit from topical coaching modules showcasing best practices right across the Managed Print sales cycle.

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This program will get your entire sales team ready to build your recurring Managed IT revenues quicker with more qualified leads that make better use of your subject matter expert.

This is the perfect training program for Sales Leaders who are tasked with planning and executing purposeful sales meetings that inspire, educate and generate profitable revenue through their people. This course is filled with field proven best practices to run effective sales meetings!

Training Highlights

Every Partner Pro sales training course includes:

  • Engaging video content (not PowerPoint!)

  • 10-15 minute modules (less than 3 hours to complete)

  • Hosted by award-winning sales performance coach, Rick Lambert

  • Actor simulations and role play of recommended selling skills

  • Online testing and reporting of results

  • Official certificate of completion

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