Avoid These Networking Pitfalls For Sales Success!

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Is Your Copier Dealership Making These Social Media Mistakes?
September 20, 2018
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Avoid These Networking Pitfalls For Sales Success!

Avoid These Networking Pitfalls For Sales Success! | PartnerPro Solutions

Sales 101 states, that in order to make a sale, you have to provide value to your client. But the truth is, one of the best ways to turn prospects into clients is by building a personal connection. Even with value, people have to want to do business with you.

Networking is the best way to build those social connections. While, in the digital age, social engagement is important, nothing will ever replace a handshake and the bond you form by looking your prospect in the eye.

“The successful networkers I know, the ones receiving tons of referrals and feeling truly happy about themselves, continually put the other person’s needs ahead of their own.” – Bob Burg

Networking is an important skill. What follows are some of the most common mistakes your team might be making when building personal relationships, and how you can get them to do better!

  1. Failing to Follow-Up – This seems like common sense, but not everyone does it. You absolutely HAVE to follow-up after making that initial contact. You can’t count on your prospect remembering who you are when it’s time to buy. Failing to follow-up shows a lack of follow through and commitment. Remember there are dozens of other salespeople out there who could be reaching out to your prospect.
  2. Selling, Not Solving a Problem! – Think about the last networking event you attended. Most of the salespeople around you were probably selling their products. Try taking a different approach. Instead of selling, introduce yourself and ask some questions about your prospect and their needs. What do they sell? What are their pain points? When the conversation turns your way, then explain how your product has value to them.
  3. Don’t Confuse Networking and Selling – Engaging in a conversation about how you can help alleviate pain points isn’t the same as a hard sell. The object of networking is to meet other professionals that can offer referrals or find and engage with potential new prospects. Networking is about connecting and planting seeds. Take the time to get to know people and understand their needs and what they have to offer. A recommendation from a trusted source is one of the most powerful sales and marketing techniques available. Take the time to build solid relationships.

These tips are a great way to start a conversation with your sales team about how their networking efforts are panning out and where there’s room for improvement. Educating your team about the differences between sales and networking, building relationships, and the importance of follow-up can help you meet your quotas and develop loyal customers!

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